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As the UK’s leading supplier of disability aids and mobility equipment, Mobility-Scooters has an incredible selection of electric mobility scooters. powered wheelchairs and riser recliner chairs available, so you are sure to find a product that suits your needs from our excellent range.


TGA Breeze 4
TGA Breeze 4
£ Call now for more information
Pride T3 Recliner
Pride T3 Recliner
£ 699.00
NHC Zen S11 Mobility Scooter
NHC Zen S11
£ from 645.00
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus 4
Go Go Elite Traveller Plus
£ 515.00 inc delivery
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4
Go Go Elite Traveller
£ 440.00 inc delivery
Pride Go Go Elite Traveller LX
Pride Go Go Elite LX
£ 495.00 inc free upgrade
Kymco Mini S Mobility Scooter
Kymco Mini S
£ 675.00
Pride LL805 Wallhugger
LL805 Wallhugger
£ 595.00
Shoprider Cameo 4
Shoprider Cameo 4
£ 695.00
Shoprider Sovereign Mobility Scooters
Shoprider Sovereign
£ 695.00 inc delivery
Pride Colt Deluxe Mobility Scooter
Pride Colt Deluxe
£ 945.00
Kymco Midi XLS Mobility Scooter
Kymco Midi XLS
£ 1495.00 inc delivery
12 Volt 34 Amp/hour Mobility Scooter Batteries by MK
2x MK 12 Volt 34 Amp
£ 120 a pair including delivery
Smart Ramp
Smart Ramp
£ 225.00
Pride LC 101 Riser Recliner Lift Chair
Pride LC 101
£ 495.00