Relaxa Bathlift
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Relaxa Bathlift

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The Relaxa Bathlift is easy to use: simply push in the re-chargable battery, feed out the belt, locate the belt on the floor mounting bar and tension, sit on the belt and by touching a button you will be gently lowered into the bath. Now you can relax & enjoy the luxury of a good soak.

Touch a button and be gently raised out of the bath.

Easy to fit
Battery powered NOT mains Electricity
Remote control as standard
Thermometer for water temperature
Does not obstruct the bath
Provides independence for those that find the bath difficult to enter or leave.

Description The bathlift is a motorised device designed for the use of the elderly and for those who find that getting into and out of the bath has become increasingly difficult. With its use, access becomes safe and easy. Stainless steel is used to fabricate the interior of the cabinet to provide inproved corrosion resistance.
Thermometer The unit has a thermometer to test the temperature of the water.
Power Two 12 volt rechargeabe lead acid batteries provide a 24 volt DC supply to the motor. Indicator lights in green and red shows the battery is in operation and the battery condition.
Battery Charger A managed 24 volt 300MA charger is provided.
Maximum load 127 kgm (20 stone)
Controls "UP" and "DOWN" buttons are located on the front of the bathlift. A sealed hand control with "UP" and "DOWN" buttons is also provided.
Belt Reversal The Relaxa is designed with an anti-belt reversal mechanism.
Handle An intergral handle is provided but this can be removed or re-sited as required.
Belt Re-inforced Polypropylene
Dimensions The unit is slim and fits neatly at the side of the bath. The length is 55.5cm, the height is 32.5cm and the depth is 11.8cm
Weight The unit itself weighs 11kgms. The box when packed to include other items weighs 15.9kgms
Manufactured The complete unit is manufactured in the United Kingdom.

1. Simply push in the re-chargable battery
2. Feed out the belt
3. Locate the belt on the floor mounting bar and tension
4. Sit on the belt and by touching a button, be gently lowered into the bath
5. Relax & enjoy the luxury of a good soak.
6. Touch a button and be gently raised out of the bath.
7. In addition there is a remote hand control and a temperature probe to register the water temperature and avoid scalding

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