About Mobility Products Ltd

All products bought through our stores are priced fairly and include a full in home back-up service should a problem arise. We strive to be the best company with the fairest prices and the best after sales service. However if you are just looking for the best deals on the internet we are more than willing to price match products from any established mobility company. Price matching also means that should a problem arise after purchase you will only get the same level of after care as the company whos price we match would have offered you.

Welcome to Mobility-Scooters.co.uk we are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of mobility scooters. We currently provide scooters from all the major UK distributors. We do not supply products that have been re-badged or do not carry full back-up support from Uk distibutors.  Our products come with a full 12 Months parts and labour in home warrranty.

As we are one of the largest suppliers of mobility products in the country we have the ability to offer you the fairest prices available anywhere in the UK.

The after sales service from Mobility-scooters.co.uk is second to none. We believe that it is of paramount importance that we treat all our customers with the upmost dignity and respect.

Mobility Products Ltd was set up by engineers who specialise in Mobility Products so unlike many of our competitors that are focused just on the sale our team is focused on providing you the best possible product for your needs. All of our Mobility products can be maintained for many years rarely needing repairs and in the rare case they do most spare parts are readily available from stock. Spare parts that are not in our stock room can easily be obtained in just a matter of days.

All our mobility scooters are designed and manufactured to the highest standards, and include many innovative features which will allow you to get the most from them.

Our engineers has many years experience in maintaining mobility products and it is safe to say they know everything you could want to know about Mobility Scooters. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and the fact we only yprovide the very best mobility scooters and products at the fairest prices possible.

We are so dedicated to ensure our customers choose the correct mobility product for their needs our engineers have produced an e-book as a guide to buying your mobility product.
This e-book is available free of charge by e-mailing us at info@mpltd.co.uk or downloading free from our website. www.cheapest-scooters.co.uk We understand that Mobility Products are a substantial investment for most people and we aim to make sure you get the perfect product for yourself and not the one the salesman thinks you should have,

Please don’t hesitate to call us for advice and take full advantage of our engineer’s choice. We can only be successful in business if our customers are 100% happy with our service.  We need our customers to recommend us to their friends and in turn we need our customers to be our friends.

We can not guarantee to be the cheapest scooter dealer on the internet for the short term but in the long term we are confident that you will benefit from our dedication and expertise by ensuring you do not spend too much on a product you do not need and also making sure you get a product that will give many years of trouble free service.


We will not only strive for excellence

We will accept no less.

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