Hi Steve I wanted to add my comments below, to your testimonial page on your website please:- Due to my pride, it has taken me a long time to buy and use a mobility scooter. I finally knew the time had come to swallow my pride and begun a search on the internet for a Pride Go Go Elite Traveller 4 I was shocked to see the low prices offered by Mobility Products compared to other websites. I paid £499 for my scooter from Mobility Products, others sites ranged from £800 to £1,000 I rung through my order to Steve at about 12pm on 28th October and Steve delivered it by 8am the next morning! 20 hours later!!! Steve demonstrated the scooter, how to drive it, dismantle it and re-assemble it. I was impressed with the price, speedy delivery and personal service. Next came the hard part! Forgetting my pride and using it! Under cover of darkness, hubby & I went to the local pub, something that I couldn’t do before without being in pain and struggling with the walk. I was amazed! We got there in no time, the scooter performed well and I was pain free! Why on earth hadn’t I bought one before? The drive home was just as good, but made better by the fact that I actually looked forward to getting back on it (oh, and the pint of Fuller’s ESB!) I am thinking of any excuse to use it again today, High St shopping comes to mind! Thank you Steve, I love my scooter and I loved your service and of course the price! Kind regards, Sue Chester Sutton Surrey
Sue Chester Sutton Surrey -


Hi Steve, Oh my goodness I love my scooter, its great being able to go from place to place in comfort, I have never been happier, I have Cerebral Palsy so walking is really hard for me and now I have all this freedom. Your professionalism and care was present from the moment you answered the phone, I explained to you what I was looking for and you did your best to advise me on what would be most appropriate, offering me lots of options on the pros and cons of each scooter and not trying to sell me the most expensive scooter but one that would suit my needs. The scooter was with me within 2 days of talking to you, I couldnt ask for more. I just want to thank you Steve for all your help, answering all my questions honestly, the proof is in the scooter, good luck and I hope more people will use your company as you are trustworthy and knowledgable these are two things you hardly see anymore but you have it all. Thank you and kind regards, Amanda. Steve you can use as much or as little from my email on your website if you want, but I thought it might be good to have my Cerebral Palsy on the email, so perhaps others may think that its worth a go, I am so happy, I havent stopped smiling and swearing about it, and thank you for the basket thats great and appreciated, I cant believe how I managed to get any speed up on the go go but its handy and can go in the car, so no more sitting in for me. Thanks Mandy xx
Miss Amanda Gordon Hayes -


Hi Steve , just to let you know how impressed I am with my new Scooter , I am so glad that I ordered from yourselves . I had ordered it on the Friday and you delivered it personaly to me on the tues !! My scooter was built up , tested and ready to rock and roll , not like some companies that just deliver them "In a box" Fantastic service . I have found your service second to none , keep up the good work ! Without you expert advise I would have ended up with a scooter that I would not have been happy with !! I will not hesitate to recommend you to any one who is looking to purchase a new scooter , or just wants advise , thankyou once again Simon ( Wakefield West Yorkshire )
Simon Farrow Wakefield, West Yorkshire -


Dear Steve, Just a note to say thank you so much for the prompt and safe delivery of my Elite Traveller Plus yesterday at 10am. I ordered it tuesday am, and it was unpacked and assembled here under 24 hours later, not bad going. I have just come back from a "walk" in the park, the first time for many years. Even the weather knew what an important day this was for me, it's a gloriously sunny day! Thanks again for your prompt, efficient and friendly service, it was a real pleasure to do business with you, especially with the added bonus of your prices. I wish you and your business all the best for the future. Jill Warner
Jill Warner County Durham -


Dear Mr Greaves it is not very often one is pleasantly surprised by the quality of service doled out by businesses and public bodies.If your not dealing with a computer that tells you endlessly to press button one or twentyone you are probably faced with a person who really is not interested in your problem. However my experience with your company has been quite different. Not only was I able to speak with a real person and be given reliable information including a very fast delivery date which actually was achieved I was supplied with a superb product at a cost which could not be matched by any other supplier. From start to finish the service you supplied was first class. Many thanks Jim Barrett
Jim Barrett Stockport -


Steve, Just a note to say how happy I am with my Pride Colt Twin. I have had my scooter approx 6 months now and it has given me and my wife so much independence as I now take myself anywhere I wish to go. I was most impressed with yourself on contact, as you were more concerned with selling me what I wanted and what suited me and not just makingn a sale.The back up service you provided was excellent with nothing being too much trouble. If asked about mobility scooters I have no reservations about recommending your company and your goodself for service,price,and customer commitment. Wishing you every success for the future.
Phil Niland Gloucester -


Hello Steve, Just wanted to say a big thank you for all the help you have given in getting me mobile again. When i first became disabled i found that shopping for any mobility equipment was a nightmare. Each company i contacted was only interested in me spending as much as possible on things i have since found out i do not need.Even a company recommended by the Local Hospital were just pressure sales people . I now have a scooter from you which is excellent and suits my requirements perfectly I appreciated your prompt personal delivery and help in getting used to it, also the fact that you dont mind me phoning to ask advice . You have saved me a lot of money and given me confidence that there are still people out there that you can trust. If you ever want to give my name and telephone number to anyone to give a personal recommendation please feel free to do so. I hate to think of other vulnerable people that are struggling to get through the disability equipment minefield.
Tony Keating Shropshire -


Hi Steve I received my Scooter on Friday as promised, I am so impressed from Blackpool to Aberdeen in less that 24 hours. The Scooter was easily assembled and as the name suggests it certainly is a GO GO, a great wee scooter. Thanks again for a fantastic service and good chat on the phone. Jennifer Cairns
Jennifer Cairns Scotland -

Many thanks, Steve for an excellent deal on our Pride Go Go Elite Plus 4. Best price of any where we could find on the net in G.B. Ordered one day delivered next morning at 8.30am, fully boxed and brand spanking new and took ten minutes to assemble. It works perfectly. Many thanks for your knowledgeable advice prior to ordering. Mr. & Mrs. A Franks
Mr & Mrs A Franks -


Hi Steve Thank you very much for your excellent service.The batteries arrived next day as promised and at half the cost some quoted. I will recommend you to all my disabled friends. Ron Hutton, Bournemouth
R Hutton Bouremouth -


Hi Steve, We thought you might like some feedback for your website, I would like to say a big thank you for you help and advice on buying my scooter, its nice to know theres someone we can ring and ask for advice without them pushing you to but one of their products, you were great when my husband rang last year for advice on my bigger scooter cutting out and told us how to sort it out, and it worked, so we kept your number and I am very glad we did, I only ordered my Pride Libre at 11am and it came the next morning at 10.30am, and its great and up and running, and although it was meant to have a scratch on, being a shop floor one but still new, I can not find anything wrong with it. and I can get it in and out the car on my own which is great. Thanks again Lyn and nick Ghent Weston-Super-Mare
Lyn and Nick Weston-Super-Mare -


hi just a short note to thank you for a easy and quick transaction, ordered one day and delivered the next had it out of the large box and up and running within half an hour as i said thanks, you saved me a lot of money, will recommend to other people for the price and great service i recieved many thanks Graham from Cromer
Graham Cromer -


Hi Steve. Thanks for the helpful and honest advice, in particular I tried to buy an extra set of batteries from you along with the Go Go Elite Traveller Plus and you convinced me I didn't need them and would be wasting my money - and you were right. I received my (mothers) Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus promptly with next day delivery and I found it very easy to assemble as per your advice. I am impressed with the build quality and solid construction. Like others on your feedback site, I found my local and other internet suppliers wanted to charge me between £300 and £500 more. My mother who is 88 has found it easy to operate and manouver and the scooter has already improved her quality of life no end. Please feel free to add my name to your list of satisfied customers. Many thanks. Paul Hirst, Middlesex.
Paul Hirst Middlesex -


Hi Steve. Many thanks for a prompt service. I received my Pride Go Go Elite Traveller Plus this morning,I will have it unpacked as soon as my son returns from college later on today.Many people have written praising your company on after sales and prompt first class service, this is the first dealings I have had with you Steve but I would like to put my name to that list. You saved me over £300 on local quotes for the scooter.I am so very glad I came across your website. I would not hesitate in contacting you again .. many thanks again shane wilshaw
Shane Wilshaw Stoke on Trent -


Hi Steve, Am I grateful I found your website, after returning home from my local disability scooter shop in Barnsley where I had a demonstration on the Pride Go Go traveler and was quoted £1000, I logged on to your site and saw the latest Plus model at only £540 including delivery. What a saving, and delivered to my door the the following morning. I can recommend you and your business to anyone, it was a pleasure speaking to you on the phone, and your advice and help was valuable. Thanks a lot Steve Roy
Mr R Johnson Barnsley -


Hi Steve I thought that you might like some feedback on our recent transaction. So here it is. Some weeks ago I was looking for a PrideGoGo Elite Traveller Plus scooter for my wife. My local shops quoted me between £800 and £999 so imagine my suprise when I found the Mobility Products site on the net and saw the very same model for £540 inclusive of delivery. Now I like a bargain but I always have the feeling that if something appears too good to be true, it probably is. However having read the feedback and spoken with Steve, I decided to order it. The following morning this large packing case was delivered to my doorstep and inside was the scooter, beautifully packed and complete with full instructions and even a spare set of trim. Last week we decided to take our Motorcaravan to Lincolnshire and the scooter came with us. Its very easy to disassemble and is ideal for this purpose. It coped with Lincolns uneven pavements and cobbled streets and also the inside of the Cathedral and castle. Back at the Caravan Club Site It was fine on the grassy banks and walks and did everything that was required of it. My wife and I were most impressed with the power and ther is no doubt that larger moter and the 17ah battery make all the difference. Thank you for the great value and the excellent service. Please feel free to pass on my contact details should anyone require them. Regards Mike Rugby, Warwicks
Mike Teece Rugby -


Dear Steve So good of you to phone to ensure that my machine had been delivered safely and that all was well. You just beat me to it as I was about to send you an e-mail to say how impressed my wife and I were with everything about this order. A little time has now passed I'm afraid as we've been busy for a day or so and also making the most of the good weather. I have to say that you quote an excellent price for such a good machine plus so easy to order followed by incredible service in terms of delivery. It would be impossible to improve on the way you help and treat your customers. I don't know of many, if any at all, suppliers who provide such a service. Fitting the scooter into the boot of my car (a BMW 316ti SE Compact) is a little more difficult than I had hoped but I've ony tried it once so far! I'm sure that with more practice I shall find the best way to deal with it. The main thing is that it can be done. In conclusion I can only say that I hope that your busines prospers -it certainly deserves to. It was definitely a lucky day for us when we met one of your recent customers in Lincoln Cathedral who very properly sang your praises. If you ever wish to refer any prospective customer to us for any sort of reference we should be delighted to help. Thanks once again Sincerely Lou Stone
Mr Stone Lincoln -

Steve I would like to congratulate you on the speed and efficiency in fulfilling the order I placed with yourself on Sunday pm 31/08/08 which I received at 10-30 am in full on Tuesday 02/09/08. You have my permission to use this acknowledgement of your excellent service in anyway that informs prospective clients that your low prices in no way detracts from your quality of service Thanks again Mr R Brown
Mr Brown Ferndown, Dorset -

Steve Just a note to say a big thank you for your help and assistance in purchasing my new Pride Gogo Traveller Plus Cheapest price we could find Delivered next day Simple and easy to set up within half an hour Excellent friendly customer service and telephone manner Would gladly recommend your company Regards J+S West - Bishop Auckland
J + S West Bishop Aukland -